Tips on how to spot faux weights

Bradley Castleberry is one of the most controversial figures in the fitness industry for allegedly using fake plates. Recently he was called out by Mike O’Hearn. So here’s some clips of him using questionable weights.
LINK to Mike’s callout video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64_oK37REtk&t=5s
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  1. The dude is a joke, he’s a big dude and clearly strong but why go to that extent to bullshit it he knows the bodybuilding/powerlifting world is a small community so clearly he’s gonna get called out, I don’t know how he can live with himself, such a pos

  2. Listen. Obviously the guys strong. Is he 700 pounds strong? Probably not. Does he put in work to look like he does? Yes. Is this stuff fake? Probably some of it. But again guys. None of these strongest men or women are real either. Nothing about them is. They are taking large amounts of gear to get the strength, spending huge amounts of money to maintain it, and without it…guess what? The truth comes out. The real them. It all or mostly all goes away. Numbers go down. Size goes down. It’s all a farce. Lol.

  3. Ha just all BS what lies….. He's only impressing himself no one else like they say Nick ( He's a legend in his own mind)!!!In another video he barely, I say barley gets a ( 7 x 45lb x 2 + bar) = 630+lbs. for one rep ( if that's even believable) off the ground!!!  and in THIS picture you show I see 10 plates per side ( what's that close to 900lbs+) that's EddieHall ( world's strongest man deadlift ever) type weights —– Castleberry is such a liar in his own mind.

  4. I think Brad doesnt go to the meets because he doesn't want the others to feel bad. Eddie Hall would probably cry when Brad went out and dead lift like 1300 lb. Shaw would cry when Brad easily picks up 700 lb rocks.

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