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The way to practice your dragon Rating: This time fore positive – jj

The way to practice your dragon Rating: This time fore positive

track thirteen


movie (C) DreamWorks

Score (C) John Powell


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  1. Well, most kids don't spend every second of their lives obsessing over a car accident.
    I mean, you must not know, because obviously only someone who never knew the love of parents would be so cruel.
    So, what raised you?

  2. And who made you sykick of the year, you don't even know her, how can you confirm this 'fact' that her parent died, I am sorry if it really did happen but I just don't know, besides we were not talking about her fucking family tree, so it must a be a lie, believe me or not I don't give 2 shits, I have my opinion, you have have your opinion and she has hers, I am not a troll, if you look at my very first comment I say "um i noticed soon as i clicked on the video, no offense" I am giving advice.

  3. @pointe4Jesus why would you believe her? its a pathetic excuse a bull could not give more shit that comment, if she makes a video of proof then if shes right i will close this account, if shes wrong well, she might have to apologise to a few people for a lie on that extreme level

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