I wish to go to the world: Tabu | Actress Tabu opened the profession of beginning the profession, saying, 'It was simply 16 years, so …'


new Delhi: Actress Tabu says that she is close For a decade Are struggling with you so that you can know who they are, what their identity is and How she wants to live The most admired actress says that she has realized that all these questions will be answered only when she will be deep and widespread from the world.

Tabu said, "When you are young, you want a lot of different things in life, when I started in the film world, then I was 16 years old, you do not know anything at that time. As you go ahead, you do what you all do and just want to have fun. You are looking for a chance to do those things which are doing everything. Then you will get fame, people's attention and different types of clothes It feels good to wear. "

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The 47-year-old actress further said, "Your ambitions are developed with age and experience, some are fulfilled, some remain there, then you reach the next stage and your preferences and things for you The importance changes. What you want, you are clear about it. "

The actress says that she is on a journey to find pieces of a puzzle.

taboo and saif ali khan

He said, "My journey with myself in these 10 years and my struggle was with the matter of what I am for? What am I? And how do I live in the world? And what are my desires? My ambitions can not be the same as I want, but we are clear about who we are and what we want. "

Actor Tabu will now be seen with Saif Ali Khan in the movie "Jawani Jaaman". (Also from input INS)

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