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IBM server – jj

IBM server

IBM Commercial.



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  1. @schmidtbag The T2 was released in 2007, since then there have been new SPARCs at least annually from SUN/Oracle and Fujitsu – SUN's T2+ and Fujitsu's SPARC64 VII in 2008, Fujitsu's SPARC64 VIIIfx in 2009 and now Sun's UltraSPARC T3 and the SPARC64 VII+ by Fujitsu – so the development hasn't come to a stop in 2004!

  2. i also just pick up a few of these and when i loaded window server 2003,,,i went into my computer and my C: drive reads 1.77 GB but my Drive is 36 GB why does it read that way,,do you know anyone that can help me out with this problem.

  3. @schmidtbag It's interesting, I haven't found anything on the Oracle website to indicate that they are developing a new SPARC processor, but they dint just buy out Sun for nothing so in a few years they will probably have another one out.

    Hmm, I will say that the IBM servers themselves are reliable rather than efficent. But considering the amount of information that can be processed with the POWER7 either might apply.

  4. @Dms12444
    has sun/oracle recently released a new cpu? the ultrasparc t2 is the latest i heard about and that was made in i think 2004. i'm actually very interested to see the positive changes oracle has made.
    i wouldn't say ibm is efficient, i'd say the opposite. ibm is incredibly reliable, and reliability takes away efficiency. you can physically break part of an ibm server whilte its running and it will still run due to how redundant they are. you will get many errors though haha

  5. @enterprise0709
    really? like i know windows fails a lot but do you have any idea how much these cost? i worked for ibm and 1 of their mainframe servers can cost over $2 million. ibm is NOT cheap. you could probably get a sun server though. basically the 2nd best you can get imo

  6. IBM is a corporation. Corporations are imaginary, they are just a bunch of people. The people working for IBM 60-70 years ago did bad things but that's meaningless since none of them work for IBM anymore and there is no way today's IBM would support terrorism or such things.

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