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http://www.goldstars.com/speakers/phipps_wintley.html – Wintley Phipps is the most watched inspirational speaker in the world! Wintley is a speaker and singer who specializes in messages of hope, faith, and possibility thinking.

Wintley Phipps is unique and memorable. He considers himself a “full-service communicator” who motivates and transforms lives through his magnificent voice and through his moving message.

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  1. Martin King as a hero? He cheated (plagiarized) most of his dissertation, and falsely refers to himself as doctor; he slept with prostitutes; he participated in orgies; he egged a man on while rapping a woman; and he stirred racial hatred everywhere he went. No, Mr. King is hardly a hero.

  2. It is an afternoon Sabbath day (Mar 2, 2019) that a divine spirit brought me to listen to Pastor Phipps and help me to face my life's difficulty. I am glad that I found the sabbath worship and rest and hopefully to find my potential to live a better person. Greetings from Manila, Philippines. Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Amen brother Phipps…….First Goal of the Soul…….to become Christlike….That the world will know we have been with Him. Inspirational to my heart, and I commit to that first goal for the rest of my natural life. Thank you Wintley.

  4. I knew he would have me in tears before the end of this video. I'm just glad he didn't start singing just after mentioning Oprah the 1st time in the talk. Pastor Phipps is such a Regal figure. I love hearing him sing hymns. Great talk too!

  5. Mr Phipps you gave yourself away. God has truly used you. I thank you for inspiration, for I know that has called me, to share with others, about Potential. It is so important to live a life of Purpose assisting others that they too shall live out there Potential. I thank you from place, that only God dwells. May you continue your life of Faith. Stay blessed always, marcia brown

  6. Amazing! Absolutely Amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this presentation! Like so many others you have mentioned, our paths have crossed at the perfect time in my life, career, journey! Thank you!

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