Good morning, we meet the lic. Yesica Garcia of the company outsourcing SLP Benito Juárez in charge of the nominal area, we appreciate your time and then we will start with the interview:
1. When did you start working at the company Outsourcing SLP of Benito Juárez?
I started working at the company on April 25, 2014
2. How is the process that takes to register or cancel social security?
In order to register and unsubscribe, what we need is the social security number and the full name of the worker as registered with the IMSS, and in the IDSE portal with the keys and keys provided by the IMSS, the worker is registered with the data provided and the daily salary of the worker.
3. What benefits does a worker have when having social security?
It has social security, housing credit and retirement savings for unemployment and old age
4. How much time do you have to make the movements of ups and downs in social security?
We have 5 business days to make the movements dated back
5. If you pass the period of time you have to carry out the movements, how does it affect the worker?
It does not affect workers at all.
6. The payment of worker-employer fees, how long are they paid?
You have 18 days for payment after the end of the month
7. Of the staff that you have, what is the percentage you have registered with the Mexican Social Security Institute?
We provide social insurance to 100% of workers.
8. How are they based on the granting of social security to workers?
In signing a contract with us, the social security benefit is already granted
9. Do you, as outsourcing, manage several companies? How does it affect the worker to change companies in a very short period of time?
Actually, it doesn't affect workers at all because they don't stop having social security.
10. When are the company change movements notified to the workers?
Yes, all workers are notified of changes made in reference to their person
11. Do you want to add something else?
No, for me it would be all.
We appreciate your time again, have a nice day.


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