La Paz: Meet the minibus that went viral in networks for the facilities it provides

The owner of the minibus is José Luis Viscarra, a man who has dedicated his time to his job that is driving. It has adapted a slightly larger minibus, with very comfortable seats, padded, reclining, with seat belts, spacious, has some elements that allow people with disabilities a safer and more comfortable transfer.

José Luis Viscarra owns a Mercedes Benz van that has been working for a month as a minibus on public transport in the union "Trans. Miraflores". It was conditioned for six months.

The driver offers all the comforts from the padded and reclining seats in addition to the carpeted floor, and each seat has a garbage pocket, and could not miss the good treatment of passengers from Mr. José Luis.

Having all the comforts in his vehicle he was rejected in the quality inspection of the Mayor's Office.

Don José Luis advises passengers to take care of public transport vehicles and that the drivers work on giving passengers a good treatment.

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