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Les Choristes 2003 movie entier en fran̤ais Рjj

Les Choristes 2003 movie entier en français

Bon film 🙂

Merci a celui qui a fait les sous-titres en Anglais 🙂


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  1. When I first watched this in music class I had no idea what it was about and had absolutely no interest in it at all. And then some time later in French class the teacher showed us this movie again and I absolutely loved it. Thank you for posting and thank you to the one who did the subtitles 😀 It's a movie that I have never gotten tired of. Anyone watched the 2015 Paris concert for this movie?

  2. i speak a lot of french also a lot of english and i go to a french school called lycée francais louis paster, and for our end of the year show we sang some songs from her like voice sur ton chemin it is the one at 46min53

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