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Marco Antonio Amorim: accepted in 2nd place within the INSS – jj

Marco Antonio Amorim: accepted in 2nd place within the INSS

The 21-year-old law student Marco Antonio Amorim has prepared with Aprova Concursos and won 2nd place in the INSS Social Security Technician Competition in his region. The contest had 11,760 entries.
When he saw his name in the approved list he was happy. "I had the feeling of seeing a job done that had an effective result," he says.
In his preparation, Marco Antonio used all the time he had available. I always tried to take short breaks of 10 minutes every 50 minutes of study. The law student also tried to stay motivated and push his own limits. "We can use a lot of excuses, but they will never be excuses. If we don't go further, we won't achieve what we want."
Marco Antonio opted for the Aprova Concursos preparatory course, as he could enjoy and study during the time he would spend with his commuting to a classroom course.
At the moment, the student intends to devote himself to law school and take a brief break from public examinations. Its goal is, after graduation, to try competitions in the legal, judiciary and prosecution area.
The approved gives the following tips for those preparing:
– Prepare yourself with the time and resources you have available.
– Don't make excuses and focus on your preparation;
– Advance and overcome your limitations.