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Marriage Recommendation – I Am Having An Emotional Affair? – jj

Marriage Recommendation – I Am Having An Emotional Affair?

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  2. Every time I try to talk about it, he asks “Not to start again, and let him rest”
    What happens if one person is trying to fix a problem, and second one doesn’t care? ?‍♀️

  3. I'm sorry but I don't agree that looking at someone in a lustful way is wrong. We are only HUMAN! Give me a break! ????Emotional affairs can be dangerous though! But it can be very hard to separate friendship from an emotional affair. Nothing is black and white- it's mostly shades of gray!!!

  4. Ok so my wife has chronic depression, social anxiety disorder and ptsd and all the med she takes have removed all of her emotions and I am a very emotional being. So what is your advice? Where do I get my emotional stability from?

  5. I can speak from experience–spouses should not keep a lock on their phones. Married folks still slide in Dm's and ALOT of them start there because they see a more attractive person online and then sexting and video sexing/chatting begins. Also if you are on social media–Spouses should put on social media they are married on their bio. Marriage after years can get boring and you dont want to divorce due to kids. But dont given into emotional affairs,can turn out to full blown out sexual affairs. And yes people think EXACTLY what you said at the end–that they don't have a child outside of wedlock or its just an online affair its ok…ITS NOT ok. Get counseling if that's whats going on.

  6. It does not have to be that the wife is not emotional present! In my case, my husband was emotional absent living in his head as a single man in his emotions. It is NEVER the betrayed spouse's fault. That needs to be corrected in your message because that is completely wrong. You are giving out the wrong message about the reason of having an emotional affair!

  7. I'm having that problem with my wife. She is having an emotional affair with her ex from years ago. I know she is but she thinks I don't know. I'm really tired of it. I love my wife but I feel we not connected like at first.

  8. Your spouse can meet your needs,if you let them. Some people don't want to share their hearts with their spouses. The key is communication and listening. Sometimes your spouse have issues within themselves. Get yourself straight first. Folks are always looking for others to make them happy. How can anyone make someone happy when that individual is unhappy and insecure with him/her self. We need to stop putting the blame on everyone else and examine ourselves. Two half_happy persons will always blame others for their unhappiness

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