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Pure gasoline industrial – jj

Pure gasoline industrial

The idea of the film is simple. How to visualize the warmth of natural gas? By the use of the stop motion technic, we see how warmth spreads through the house …



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  1. An interesting new meta study suggests natural gas is not such a good intermediate step between fossil fuels and renewable resources.

    Unfortunately, cute commercials might be masking a very serious issue. Sorry to be THAT guy: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ese3.35/full

  2. BRING BACK FREESTANDING GAS HEATERS! You can't get one anymore. Now you have to have a central system, and surprise! Most people can't AFFORD to convert their houses that way. I'd give a LOT for one of those little freestanding heaters we used to have. ELECTRIC HEAT IS EXPENSIVE.

  3. Awww – look how cute and cuddly natural gas is! Unfortunately the producers cut the scene where the yarn crochets itself down this family's endocrine system, giving them loss of smell and taste. That would have taken away the cuteness factor, I guess.

  4. @coloradsky You need to stop swallowing everything the ad guys are shoveling and start thinking for yourself – softness, warmth and dryness AREN'T emotions.

    Besides it is better for the environment as well as your wallet to put on a sweater instead of cranking up the heat. It's a stupid ad.

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