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Neutrophil Chemotaxis – jj

Neutrophil Chemotaxis


Human neutrophils are mobile cells that will quickly migrate to sites of injury to help fight infection. They are attracted there by chemical signals released by other cells of the immune system or by invading microbes.

In this experiment substance is released from micropipette that makes the neutrophils polarize and move towards that location.

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  1. Craig venter already created synthetic life…a bunch of different proteins and nucleic acids, inert and sitting in seperate flasks by themselves – combined they began to replicate. Look it up. Then when you have been humbled, come back here, learn to admit you're wrong, your whole faith has been a big lie, and join in the learning process. You've wasted enough time but it's not too late.

  2. whats wrong with the answer ''God created everything''?, nothing. but lets not stop there, lets see how exactly things happened. What i mean is, we should go into depth and never leave a question with the answer ''God did it'' thats not sufficient, because we have to know How exactly the first DNA molecule, the first Amino Acid, the first incentive to create Life was and how it was created, but the driving force behind it all seems very odd to just say its ''co-incedental'' Maybe God = Evolution

  3. @flyboy135
    Evolution by natural selection is not a process which brings rise to life, but one which simply changes its nature (often making it more complex – but only where this is advantageous). There are many theories as to the origins of life, but these remain only as theories while the evidence for evolution by natural selection is irrefutable.

  4. @Ultrasecond –

    Order does not come from disorder and evolution violates the Law of Biogensis – Life comes from Life. If any scientist can produce Life from non-life I am intersested otherwise Evolution remains a theory. Maybe you should read Darwin talking about the need for plants as well as animals to have evolved and he could not find evidence for plant evolution.

  5. @luck2308 … As a man of religion and science, I see this all the time. I can't speak for ultrasecond's situation, but in my observations, scientists tend to understand religion at a deeper level than religionists understand science.

  6. @Ultrasecond

    I think you're misunderstanding. It seems like he/she's mainly concentrated on the fact vs theory thing. The problem with the way science is being taught today is that it is presented too similarly to history. Theories cannot be proven, and theories are not facts. Nothing can be proven in science, it can only be supported. I think it is important that any person, creationist or evolutionist or neither, recognizes that theories should not be presented as facts.

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