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Nexmoney plan का ये audio जरूर सुने be part of to name 6378787365 – jj

Nexmoney plan का ये audio जरूर सुने be part of to name 6378787365

Nexmoney joining link

Whatsaap grup link

Whatsaap 7665665769

Business plan

*â­•NexMoney App – An unlimited earning potential app*


*?Won Awards:???*

*? Best Android App Company of 2017*
*? Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award*
*? Dubai & Bangkok Awards*


*?✈One time lifetime membership fee of 1500+270 (GST)=1770/-*

âž¡ Get 1500 Reward Points. Redeem these points against every single service you use

âž¡ Get cash back from 2% – 50% on all services you use

âž¡ Get 50 Reward Points everytime somebody downloads this app using your link

âž¡ Earn 300/- on each direct referral who upgrades. Refer 5 & earn your fee back

âž¡ Earn Level income from 10 levels (1100/- is distributed across 10 levels). Duplicate 5 in all levels & earn in Crores

âž¡ Earn a %age from all cash backs earn from your entire team Upto 10 levels. Repeat income instantly

âž¡ Earn Royalty of 1%-3% from 11th level to unlimited levels

âž¡ Earn Royalty of 2% from company’s overall turnover

âž¡ Earn Merchant Royalty. Tie your local Merchant with the company & earn royalty on every sale


All incomes are instantly transferred to your wallet

âž¡Withdraw instantly into your bank account

âž¡ Transfer funds to another wallet

âž¡Pay for all your services

*?Use this App services for all your requirements just like a PAYTM or PHONEPE but with earnings..*

Register your details – Fill your KYC – Upgrade with 1770 – Start using the services – Start referring – Earn happily ever after……

*- Thousands of times more than what PAYTM is worth “Nexmoney”*

Download the App for free & pay once in a lifetime membership fee of just Rs. 1,770/-.

*?Our services:?*


*✅DTH, DATA CARD (Get 3% commission)*


*✅E.B BILL (free service)*

*✅GAS BOOKING (free service)*

*✅You can redeem your referral income (minimum withdraw limit Rs. 500/-)*

*✅ IMPS (Bank Money transfer)*

*✅Bus ticket booking cashback 5%*

*✅Flight booking get 3% cashback*

*✅Hotel booking get 8 to 10% Discount*

*✅Movie ticket booking get 10% cashback*

*✅Online shopping (Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, etc get 2% cashback)*


*â­•Commission details up to LEVEL 10:â­•*
*LEVEL: 1 – 300 Rs*
*LEVEL: 2 – 30 Rs*
*LEVEL: 3 – 45 Rs*
*LEVEL: 4 – 60 Rs*
*LEVEL: 5 – 75 Rs*
*LEVEL: 6 – 90 Rs*
*LEVEL: 7 – 105 Rs*
*LEVEL: 8 – 120 Rs*
*LEVEL: 9 – 135 Rs*
*LEVEL: 10 -150 Rs*
Get exciting cashback on All Transactions & Ultimate Earning Opportunities.

Download and SignUp:-

My whatsapp no- *7665665769*

My Calling no.- *6378787365*

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