One out of each four individuals is current within the physique of the TB micro organism, such an id. One-third of the world's inhabitants is liable to tuberculosis: research


London: Tuberculosis is threatening on one-third of the world's population. This information has come up in a new study. This study has been published in the European Respiratory Journal, which shows that one in every four people in the world has tuberculosis bacteria in the body.

Every year there are 10 million people affected
Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria called microbacterium tuberculosis, which affects one million people every year and about 20 million people die. This is the most deadly infectious disease. Apart from this, many people are infected with this bacteria, but they do not have active tuberculosis. World Health Organization has set a goal of eliminating tuberculosis from the world by 2035.

A quarter of the population is in a grip …
Christian Wagey, associate professor of Aarhus University in Denmark, says, "It is difficult to get this target without the treatment of those who do not have active tuberculosis, because if there is a bacteria in the body, There may also be tuberculosis. " It has been said in the study that almost a quarter of the world's population is in vulnerable to inactive tuberculosis.

What is the symptoms of TB

– More than 2 weeks of coughing, coughing, sputum, occasional bleeding, loss of appetite, frequent weight loss, fever in the evening or night, sweating in winter, breathing down or breathing. There may be chest pain, any of these symptoms and there may be no symptoms at all.

Bronchitis has difficulty breathing and breathing sounds like whistling.

– Mumps from the mouth in the cancer,

– There may be problems like losing weight but there is usually no fever.

TB does not have trouble breathing and fever comes.

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