Pakistani PM Imran Khan's assertion after the Indian military neutralise 7 Pakistani military man | Indian military offers a short reply to Pakistan on border, Imran imposes false allegations


new Delhi: Firing an infiltration attempt by Pakistan (Pakistan) on LoC, the Indian Army had piled up seven fighters of the Pakistani Batt (Border Action Team) on Saturday. Since then, there has been a stir in Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan (Imran Khan) convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) in Islamabad on Sunday after receiving information about the incident. After this Imran Khan tweeted several randomly. Imran Khan's fear of these tweets is clearly visible. Now Imran Khan is talking about the killing of innocent civilians in the operation of the Indian Army.

Indeed, the Indian Army is continuously responding to Pakistani military bases due to attempts to stop infiltration of LoC. Faced with retaliation, Pakistan summoned the officer of the Indian High Commission and said that he was reportedly killed by two civilians in the firing of India.

At the same time, Imran Khan tweeting crying said that I strongly condemn the attack on innocent civilians across the LoC. Pakistan's PM claimed that Indian Army has used a cluster bomb on the border. Imran also remembered humanity and said that India has taken this action in violation of the Human Rights Act of the 1983 Convention. UNSC should pay attention to this international danger for peace and security. Explain that Pakistan has been consistently saying that the firing of Indian Army has killed ordinary citizens.

Imran Khan did not stop at all and he started snapping up Kashmir. Imran said that it is time to end the night of the misery of the people of Kashmir. Khan said that the people of Kashmir should be allowed to use their rights according to the UN resolutions. He said that the only path to peace and security in South Asia is peaceful and justifiable disposal of the Kashmir issue.

Imran said that American President Donald Trump offered to mediate Kashmir. This is the right time to do this because Kashmir situation has worsened.

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