Per capita earnings in Uttarakhand goes up, development fee down | Per capita earnings will increase in Uttarakhand however development fee declines

Dehradun: In Uttarakhand Per capita income Politics has started on the figures of growth and decline in the growth rate. Uttarakhand's per capita income has increased from 2018-19 to Rs 1,98,738, whereas in 2017-18 per person income was assessed 1,82,320. After the release of the data, Congress attacked the state government with a tire attack. Congress leader Jot Singh Bisht said that development work in the state has stalled. The agricultural sector is constantly falling. BJP is excited by the increase in per capita income. Party spokesperson Munna Singh Chauhan said that the increase in per capita income in the state is a sign of prosperity, although he is also of the view that the agriculture sector in the mountains and the need for progress.

The country's per capita income is 1,26,406. The per capita income of the state is better than that. The size of Uttarakhand's economy has also increased by more than 10% compared to the previous year. The size of Uttarakhand's economy has now reached Rs 2,21,871 crore. This is 10.47% more than the previous financial year. In the last financial year, the GDP of Uttarakhand was estimated at Rs 2,00,844 crore.

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The economic growth rate of Uttarakhand was estimated to be 6.87% in 2018-19. In the last financial year, the growth rate of the state was estimated at 7.84% compared to last year. During this period the per capita income of the country was estimated at Rs 1,26,406. The progress of industries has improved in Uttarakhand. Pankaj Gupta, president of the Industries Association of Uttarakhand, believes the financial data better. He said that the economic slowdown in the country has also been affected.

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