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Prince Harry attends charity landmine occasion on Capitol Hill – jj

Prince Harry attends charity landmine occasion on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC – 9 May 2013
1. US Senator John McCain and Britain’s Prince Harry walking to greet people at a charity landmine exhibition in the Russell Senate Office Building
2. Mid of journalists leaning over balustrade with mobile phones, tilt down to Harry and McCain
3. Mid of McCain and Harry looking at exhibit
4. Wide of mannequins demonstrating landmine detection equipment
5. Tracking shot of Harry walking over to look at mannequins
6. Mid of Prince Harry
7. SOUNDBITE (English) John McCain, US Senator for Arizona:
“He had known that I had been shot down and I alleged that he was probably a much better pilot than I was, since he didn’t (get shot down). We talked a little bit about that, we talked a little about his flying experiences. My son, who is a Navy helicopter pilot, flies the same kind of helicopter that he does.”
8. Wide of McCain and Harry posing for photographs
9. Wide of Harry, US First Lady Michelle Obama, and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden at the White House
10. Wide of Harry, Obama and Biden walking through room
11. Wide of Obama, Harry and Biden at reception for military families
12. Mid of Harry talking to children
13. Mid tilt up of Harry painting a card
14. Wide of Harry talking with a member of the military at a reception at the British ambassador’s residence
15. Mid of Harry talking with US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Prince Harry:
“This evening gives me great personal pleasure too. My mother, who believed passionately in this cause, would be so proud of my association with HALO (a landmine removal charity) and in her special way, she adopted it as her own. She would join me along with you all, I’m sure, in praising HALO for the amazing work that it has done over the past quarter-century, and in hoping that one day, soon, its humanitarian work will be done.”
17. Pull out of Harry shaking hands with British Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott
British royal Prince Harry joined US First Lady Michelle Obama in honoring military families on Thursday (9 may) and toured a charity exhibition in Congress about landmines at the side of former presidential candidate, Senator John McCain.
The visit to the White House and Capitol Hill opened a week-long US visit for the prince, devoted to victims of war.
He joined Michelle Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden at a reception for military families, where the prince helped children make crafts.
On Capitol Hill, delighted onlookers gave the prince the pop star treatment, as he toured a charity landmine exhibition alongside one of America’s most well-known ex-servicemen, Senator John McCain.
McCain, who in 1967 was shot down over North Vietnam and tortured as a captive, said he told the prince that “he was probably a much better pilot than I was.”
When the prince entered the rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building near the Capitol, he was greeted by a roar and shouts of “Harry!” from a crowd of about 500 people, nearly all of them women.
They crowded a roped-off hallway and stairway with a view of the exhibit, hoisting their mobile phones and tablets to get a picture.
Harry didn’t visibly react except to give a polite wave.
McCain was at his side as he viewed a display of landmine photos, maps and mine-detection equipment, staged by HALO, a landmine clearing charity held in high regard by his late mother, Princess Diana.
From there it was on to the White House for a previously unannounced visit with the First Lady, Biden, and military mothers and children for an afternoon tea.
Harry invoked his mother when he later spoke at a dinner at the British Ambassador’s residence on Thursday night.

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