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Seacoast's cultural leaders impressed by Patricia Lynch – jj

Seacoast's cultural leaders impressed by Patricia Lynch


Aug. 2 — To the Editor:

As she was drafting her story on Patricia Lynch’s decision to step down as Executive Director of The Music Hall, Jane Murphy at the Portsmouth Herald called me on my iPhone to ask me for a comment on Patty’s announcement following her incredibly productive tenure over the last 15 years. Unfortunately when the reporter called I was in the South Portland Apple Store trying to figure out why I was not able to receive calls on my phone! [It was the software.]

What I missed then was this opportunity to comment publicly on my colleague Patty Lynch’s departure from her leadership role at the Music Hall.

Patty arrived in Portsmouth in 2004 a couple of months ahead of my arrival at Strawbery Banke Museum. We soon became good friends, along with her talented husband, Kent Stephens. I quickly learned that I had gained valuable professional resources and colleagues.

What I soon learned was that Patty is a creative thinker, always looking at how to serve the community in ways that are new and refreshing. Her greatest impact on the community and on me was her fierce and powerful advocacy and dedication to quality – quality not only in programming but in everything one does as a leader and as a cultural institution. A great model.

I know I speak for the cultural leaders in Portsmouth when I say that we will miss Patty’s presence on the front lines – and we wish her success in her future endeavors as a writer and inspiration to the cultural world.

Lawrence J. Yerdon

President & CEO

Strawbery Banke Museum


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