Sepax Processing Cryobanks

This fully automated, functionally
closed and sterile system, was controlled by computer
software. It was possible to isolate the HSC rich buffy-coat
of a UCB unit to a final volume of 10 to 90 ml. Each unit
was separated as per the user guide with a single use kit,
which was inserted into the machine. Briefly, the UCB
was added to the machine where it filled the central
chamber. Whilst filling, the system simultaneously sedimented
the UCB unit. The sample was spun at speeds of
up to 1,900×g and the blood components were separated
concentrically. Then, using optical sensors and motorised
stopcocks the blood components were directed to individual
blood bags and extracted from the UCB unit (http://
wwwbiosafe.ch). This method was recently validated by
the Besançon Cord Blood Bank in France (20).


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