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Stress in Kashmir: Confusion in Individuals – jj

Stress in Kashmir: Confusion in Individuals


There is an atmosphere of confusion in Kashmir. Tourists and Amarnath travelers are returning to their homes immediately. Local people are collecting goods of need. There are long queues outside the ATM and petrol pumps.

But why is all this happening? This is not understood by anyone. But there is apprehension and uncertainty in the environment.

All this started when the news came a few days ago that the central government was sending 100 more companies of the security forces in Kashmir.

So far, about 25 thousand additional forces have been brought to Kashmir, this has led to speculation and rumors that the central government is planning to end the 35-A or state borders can be changed.

But in the statement issued by the government it has been said that additional deployment of paramilitary forces is being done only for security reasons.

Video: Gurpreet Saini / Shubham Kaul

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