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The Actual Approach To Lose Stomach Fats – With Six Pack Shortcuts CEO Dan Rose & His First Coach Mike Chang – jj

The Actual Approach To Lose Stomach Fats – With Six Pack Shortcuts CEO Dan Rose & His First Coach Mike Chang

1 weird tip to lose fat:

Hi guys,

In this video, Dan and I talk about the best ways to lose your belly fat and gets abs. We talk about why the most common exercises in the gym aren’t effective for fat loss. And we talk about the type of exercise which is much better for losing fat.

We will demonstrate and compare different exercise such as crunches and the deadlift. You will be able to see why some exercises that you never thought of as a fat burner is actually burning the most amount of fat and building your abs better than direct ab exercises.

Pay attention and keep tuning in to our sixpackshortcuts’ channel to get the latest info on fitness and nutrition.

And if you want to burn off your belly fat FAST, Check out this video:


If you are serious about getting a ripped body and six pack abs, I recommend using “Afterburn Training.” Afterburn Training is my patented style of training that combines heavy, compound lifts with high intensity cardio.

I made a free video giving the scientific proof for why Afterburn Training gets you abs faster than any other way, and showing you exactly how you can use it in your workout. Check it out here:

I show you how I used to be FAT just a few short years ago. I tried everything to lose my belly fat, but nothing worked for me until I found this “weird” new style of working out called Afterburn Training.

Is Afterburn Training a FASTER way to lose your belly fat and get six pack abs? Watch this video and find out for yourself!


Train hard,


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  4. I need to build my body up as much as your body is built up, then I need to train myself to be the best fighter I can be… I can't swallow hard food's and I have bad acid reflux. All I have right now is a bar for a bench press, but I've been using it in a productive way when it comes to getting myself into a better physical condition. I intend to get two 5 lb weights to put on it and to start using them, as soon as I get the money. I intend to get weight bench and boxing back later, as well as gloves or something to help me grip my bar a lot better. I need to get as strong as I can get and soon, just gonna be a little while before I can gather up all I need for the best physical training I can put myself through, but I think I can get my body as built as yours…

  5. hi im chris So, if there's one easy method to help you lose weight fast and burn belly fat, it is by drinking water infused with fresh flavours, especially during the summers. Apart from keeping you hydrated, the fresh flavoured water contains potassium from fruits, herbs or vegetable infusions that could help flush salt …out .anyway heres a method i found a while ago.
    Have a go it worked for me

  6. When you start off playing pool and casual chat I did not take it seriously, but kept it playing in the background while I was working….and in between I caught some stuff….. Changed man. Thanks guys. Ive subscribed. Keep it going for us minute judgers aswell. This helped alot!

  7. I was agreeing to everything until you mentioned about being in shape you tend to be a good worker:that's a lie.A good worker is in you built or not.I had people bigger then me n hit like cotton candy on the fb field.I had guys bigger then me some professional movers n i still ran circles around them picking up stuff.I've seen big strong dudes get knocked out by average dudes.So if going work out:workout for how you look and feel and please don't do it thinking you cant be touch or you better qualified for a job?

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