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The Saddest Individual Cappy's Ever Identified – jj

The Saddest Individual Cappy's Ever Identified

A client wants to know the saddest person Cappy’s ever known in his personal life, as well as the saddest client he’s ever had. Cappy struggles, but finally settles …



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  1. Kinda lost a bit of respect for you, mentioning Sandvag…. I am Anti-MGTOW, and absolutely believe in personal efficacy as it pertains to individual effort. MGTOW is nothing more than a male collectivist bullshit, similar to the "Political Lesbian Radical Feminism" types, who blame the world's woes on the opposite gender, opposed to introspection.

    More or less, Sandvag and Turd flinging manlet are two of the worst examples of a lack of self awareness.

  2. thanks for the pep talk… i got a good job, almost no bills. I travel (no rent) … get wore down sometimes. needed to hear this to understand the human shit i see out there sometimes.

  3. Cappy has been out of the workforce for a while now, and the situation out there changed pretty drastically in the few recent years, five or so. What's happening now is that even if you have the skills and experience, you land a job but then there's this psycho sociopath employee that manages to toxify the whole work environment. The problem is: the boss trusts on the psycho blindly. For some reason that we cannot comprehend, the owner of the company (in the case of small businesses) trust every word that comes out of the mouth of this sociopath. And if the sociopath realizes that you're not easily controlled or willing to be his puppy, you're out of the club. So there are two problems there: you get punished for something you didn't do, and you get no one to call help. It's a game that you can't win. Ultimately who loses is the company owner who loses a lot of potentially excellent employees just to keep this one single psycho there. And the reason no one can explain why. These kinds of companies usually end up broking, but hell, you end up involved in the drama.

  4. I feel im not a lazy person but my laziness is very selective. For instance i havn't really held down a job for long but seem to always have one. I work out regular basis, tan and generally well groomed. I just become lazy when it comes to career or finding a job, i feel this may have been caused by parents giving me lots of money through my life so i've never had the desperation of finding a job like some people do. I know what a hard days work is like, i used to work in heavily laboured jobs 12-15 hours a day i just can't see things out or build any longevity.

  5. The saddest person I ever know is actually still somewhat alpha, well better than me and a lot of people I know.
    Story goes like this, his father had a real rough childhood but despite not having education he got accepted to the Air Force than after he finished his service he lived in a car for a few years bought a house and got married, he got divorced 3 times, became an alcoholic, one of his kids which is the saddest person I know got married too but to a single mother with 3 problematic kids, she tied the knot with him by having 2 kids with him, as expected he and his 2 sons are extremely smart and quick witted, but he while in military service got shot in his gut, which requires him to do a surgery every month to be alive, not a only that but he has constant pain that he takes extreme pain killers for, he is self employed but since he is smart he manages to earn more than his wife with a stable job so she keeps him around, but she still nags him and is expensive herself not to mention the 5 kids he is taking care of financially, he has no direction in life and got on bad terms with his dad after not paying him back the money he asked from him when he needed cause he probably can’t because of many factors, he is so lost he is willing to go get a job as a driver teacher that demands him to have a first degree in law or something like that which requires a high score of entrance in university almost on par with a program developer and medical fields, he is so lost he jumps on the quickest option because he has no choice and is losing his smarts, that is the saddest man I know

  6. I've thought about writing into Clarey, but what often stops me is, I feel I know what he'd have to say, the last few years I've been really lazy. And I know it but I also know what it's like to work hard It's just I kept putting in effort and instead of things getting better or paying of like I thought it would. I just kept getting screwed over, A large part is or was outside of my control, and another part of it at first was just not knowing what to do, being raised by single mother, having Aspergers syndrom (And I know Cappy's whole view on that saying it's all crap and nothing) I know it's there and what's funny is on the one hand Cappy doesn't deal with "suicide" just sending them to "professionals" yet on the other hand the professionals say I have a disorder and disability, in some ways it's not that bad, I've seen really disabled people, but in other ways it can often be hard. My whole life though I tried to be better inspite of those short comings, I tried to compensate, by working out learning etc. And at first I was both afraid and didn't know what to do. Largely with girls, the other thing is being Mormon didn't help, The sad part for me is I look back on it and if I had just faced my fear and done it asked girls out I can't know for sure I think I would have gotten somewhere, At least more then the nothing I've gotten now. What would have been more valuable in the long term I see now is having just faced it even dispite likely being shot down. At least I would have something to work off, now I'll be 25 and still be nowhere still be afraid and worse not even be in the possition to attempt asking people out (though being in Wyoming among other things) It's not like I have options. But I guess that's what bothers me is knowing I had it better in the past or more of a chance and my fear, and other factors ruined it, just that regret. And then I've screwed up and gone from being hardworking, dedicated, caring, good student, who had a future to lazy out of shape even more lonely nobody, who does little more then copes with video games. The only thing I take pride in is I'm not dead when at one point I very nearly was. I just don't know If I have it in me to be better, or even marginally better let alone be less of a looser that I was in the past. It's discuraging for me to think just being like I was in the past would be a huge acomplishment. and then I despair knowing even if I acheived that and got back to that level, I still got very little when I was at that point in the past. All the while no one cares I have no friedns, no motivation, no one chearing me on, no one who will be happy if I progress. I'm just alone, and I've had so much kicked out of me I think back to the song I get knocked down but I get up again, and that has happend so many times and I did get up again in the past so many times, and now I'm not on the ground but I'm just on my hands and knees so tired and so sore. I feel like it's all been kicked out of me my fight and will is gone, all I can do is hover over the ground holding onto that sliver of not being completly knocked down, but then again all that is motivatin me to even do that little bit is fear. Fear knowing what the latter part of my life will look like if I don't get it together. But I also just don't know how I can opperate on nothing but fear, and after I stopped beliving in religion, and how messed up the situation is between men and women, I don't know a guy like me has much chance, So what hope can I have. No afterlife, no god cares or is even looking out for me, no angels cheering me on or lending a helping hand, I've screwed up so I can't get even a decent career in latter life, and I'll have no signifigante other, and I probibly won't have the children I thought I would have had. Like what? what hope, oh I can work hard to buy a run down home I still have to pay tons of property tax on, and in the end when I get old there will be no one around and I'll get hauled off to a old folkes home where I die and or all my possetions are just pawned off to others or the goverment. And my life is just that. ugh I don't know and again, I know lazyness isn't good but also feel disguraged by hard work. And what should I do, what will I do. And in the end what is the point of even clinging to life.

  7. Reminds me of a past coworker who was down well over $300k plus housing expenses as a result of his relationship with a woman (yes she had kids from a previous relationship that he's paid for) who imo doesn't appreciate how hard this guy works to bring home money, combined with his near inability to say no.

    I respect the work ethic but can't help but think he isn't actually in a loving relationship but a situation where he is a pet wallet.

    I'm truly unsure if I should have planted the seed of doubt while he was telling me his story because I think on some level his situation gave his life significant purpose.

  8. Fuckin eh. Have this kid I know who is whining about his gf that cheated on him, got him to 'adopt' her kid from some other dude, and is now with a guy who is 10 years older than she is. I tell him forget that bitch, get over the oneitis, get a job and move out of grandma's basement. Instead he whines and complains. I guess thats what the 22 yr olds do now. He wants a life like mine, build cars, shag college tail, own a house, shop, decent chunk of land in the woods, and not have to work anymore…

    None of that shit comes without work. Nothing worth anything in life comes to you without work. I worked my ass off for over 30 years, businesses, two fuckin wars, hell I spent today hauling fill for my house with a dump trailer because it needs done. Now I have to go fix the truck a bit, head into town for more meat, and take a shower at the gym because the house isn't built yet. Hardship builds hard men, work hones the edge, and being fat, lazy, and stupid is no way to go through life son.

  9. The other main reason why sad loser men exist is, they are grossly misinformed! The "easy way out" instant gratification delusion has been pumped into their brains by mommas, educators, teachers, professors, they're addicted to that shit and don't know any other way to cope with life.

  10. Fully automated world with all electric cars/bikes and free everything. What would i do in that world? Grab my backpack and my motorcycle for a camping tour of every park in the country. Spend a few months in Alaska. When that is done it would be time to become a philosopher or a politician with a following. Nothing will change except where i would live and circles i would travel in. After all experience and practical intelligence is valuable now and will still be valuable then.

  11. I use to be like the Incels and the guy that asked How do I get the Girls but now I want to go be a plumber and go to a Trade School and I want to try to learn how to play the ? like Carlos Santana or try to get a Black Belt in Martial arts ?

  12. I have usually decided to steer clear of females due to my making just too much less sense around them. Some things, some flaws in oneself just don't get fixed.
    I've also never much cared for their fuzziness with the truth.
    Perhaps I am just lucky that female relatives never much cared for me when I was young. It set me up well to disbelieve in "Girls".

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