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Utilizing the Tagged Out Archery Vary Finder – jj

Utilizing the Tagged Out Archery Vary Finder

This video answers many of the questions asked about the Tagged Out Archery Range Finder from Bad River Outdoors. It takes a look at the 2 different models, the Tagged Out Acrylic Archery Range Finder and the Tagged Out Extreme Archery Range Finder. It answers the questions about accuracy and how it works from a tree stand. It shows many examples of how to read the Tagged Out Archery Range Finder.

The Tagged Out Archery Range Finder works at Full Draw and Even while the animal is moving. Check out the video and then get more information at www.badriveroutdoors.com


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  1. The elevated platform accuracy claim is total BS.  The line-of-sight distance is not the pin you would be using from a tree stand.  The actual pin is the horizontal distance, which is much shorter than the line-of-sight.  For a 45 degree angle at 20 yards (e.g., 20 yards out, 20 yards up), the line of sight will give you almost 29 yards when you should be using the 20 yard pin.  You will overshoot with this device.  Not good.  That's why laser rangefinders have the ARC feature to correct the angle errors.

  2. WOWA so going to get one.
    I use a NIKON RANGE FINDER 1000
    But last year I lost a shot .The time I picked my bow up and then range finder I did not get a clear good shot shot it was 5 seconds to late. With this unit I can be sure to know where to hold soon as I look . GOOD PRODUCT .

  3. I have a question I tried ordering one and it said to make a account ok I was going to make a new account for it but it asked me for a company name? Am I still able to buy it and I'f so what do I put for this Thanks!

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