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Updated: August 4, 2019, 11:52 AM IST

On this Friendship Day you can befriend some Mutual Funds. Friendship with them will save you from the ever-quickening of money. Experts say that these small investments help to achieve bigger and bigger goals. That's why we are telling you about those funds today, in which during last 20 years, the investment of only 2.4 lakh rupees has been increased to 26 lakh rupees. However, some precautions should also be taken while investing.

In the last 20 years these 3 mutual funds have given the highest return- At the current time, the return of many mutual funds has fallen from the fall of the stock market, but the three profits that have the highest profits during the last 20 years are Franklin India Prima, HDFC Top-100 and AB Sun Life Equity.

Experts say that these funds have doubled the amount of investors in every third year. If you invest in a mutual fund scheme for 15 years then your total investment will be Rs. The total value of your SIP will be Rs 8,02,208. That is, you will get the advantage of Rs 5,86,208.

Financial Advisors show that mutual funds are the best place to start investing in less money. Also, you have the freedom to choose funds according to your goals. Fund managers take care of your investments

These funds are given 15% returns- Talking about mutual fund returns, some better schemes have given 15% returns in 15 years. Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund has received 15.20% in 15 years, DSP Equity Opportunity Fund has 14.67%, Franklin India Prima Fund returns 15.07%.

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