When a good friend says, she doesn’t sleep at night time. humorous jokes jokes nurse jokes



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Published: Saturday, August 3, 2019, 16:20 (IST)

When a friend said to her friend, husband does not sleep at night

Woman Rita from her friend Munni- My husband does not let me sleep at all in the night.

Second trip Chini – Why

First friend Munni- because she is ill, nor does she have to give medicines at night.

Second friend Churni – so you take a nurse

First friend Munni – nurse is kept only if you have to wake up

funny jokes jokes nurse jokes jokes

Pandit Jee-Daughter feed the first bread cow and the last

Bread dog …

Woman – I do the same to the priest …

I eat the first bread … and …

The last roti feed my husband.

Pandit ji unconscious !!


Wife returns home from market

Husband – If my guess is right then you must have brought me something to eat today

Wife – how much is your brain inside you

Because today I have brought a new sandal

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