Among the many annoying circumstances in Jammu and Kashmir, the UK, Australia, Germany launched might be ad-hoc, kidnapping, firing, and bomb blasts. Australia, UK, Germany points advisory to its residents



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Published: Monday, August 5, 2019, 6:42 (IST)

new Delhi. Given the tense situation in Jammu and Kashmir, Germany, the UK, Australia have issued an advisory on Saturday for their citizens to go to Jammu and Kashmir, as an alert has been announced in the valley, after which all these countries have issued advances to their citizens That is. Explain that the administration has issued alerts in the Valley due to inputs regarding security by the intelligence department. In the input it has been said that Amarnath pilgrims can be attacked.


The UK government has asked its citizens to be cautious while traveling to Jammu and Kashmir. The Advisory states that if you are in Jammu and Kashmir, then you should be cautious, accept the opinion of the local administration, as well as keep updated with the latest information. New High Commissioner of British High Commission is monitoring the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. It is said in the Advisory that there is a possibility that there may be violence, bombardment, hand grenade attack, firing or abduction.

In addition to the advisory issued by Germany, the tourists in Germany have been told that traveling to Kashmir and Srinagar is not right. Keep yourself updated by the changes in security and infrastructure conditions. If you are traveling in the western part of Ladakh, then definitely be careful. Do not go with alone or unidentified guides. Do not go to the area near Pakistan and China border At the same time, Australia has issued an advisory to its citizens and said that we suggest that you do not travel here in this environment.

The Jammu and Kashmir government had on Friday told all Amarnath pilgrims and tourists that they would finish their journey or stay in Kashmir or return. Indeed, the Indian army had said that Pakistan's terrorists are plotting a major attack in the valley, after which this decision has been taken.

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