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One other overseas oil tanker caught by Iran – jj

One other overseas oil tanker caught by Iran


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The British Tale Tanker is still in Iran's custody

According to Iranian government media, Iran has taken another foreign oil tanker in the Gulf region in its possession.

A commander of the Revolutionary Guard said that the Iranian Navy has "captured a foreign tanker in the Gulf of Persia, this tanker was smuggling oil to an Arab country."

It said that this tanker had seven lakh liters of oil. Seven sailors have also been detained.

The US has imposed strict economic sanctions on Iran, apart from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Due to these restrictions, tension has already increased considerably between Iran and the United States. In such an environment, Iran has now taken another oil tanker into custody.

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This is the second time when Iran has charged the smuggling of oil on a tanker. On July 13, Tehran registered in tanker MT Riyah was taken into custody by Iran.

Last month, Iran had caught a British oil tanker in Hormuz Bay area. This tanker named Stenna Impero is still in custody of Iran.

In May and June, the United States accused Iran of carrying out attacks on oil tankers in Oman Bay area. Iran has dismissed these allegations.

What do we know about the latest incident?

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US-Iran tension

According to the FAR News Agency, the campaign to catch the oil tanker was executed last Wednesday.

The tanker was taken to Bushehr and the oil was handed over to the authorities.

It is not clear whether the tanker is registered in which country or the sailor who is detained belongs to which country.

No report has been recorded about the disappearance of this vessel.

According to Sebastian Usher, Arab Affairs Editor of the BBC, even if the vessel is small but it will increase the stress in the area.

What is the effect of the American ban on Iran oil market?

Iran seized British oil tanker, increased stress

Explosion on oil tankers in Oman Bay, heavy tension in the Middle East

What is happening in the Gulf area?

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The oil tanker continues with the tension between Britain and Iran.

This is not the first time that tension has increased in the Gulf region.

Since the separation of the United States nuclear deal and imposing new harsh restrictions on Iran, the tension is continuously rising.

The United States has sent its aircraft carrier and warships to the Gulf region.

The allegations of attack on tankers in Gulf region have also been imposed on Iran, which Iran has dismissed.

Meanwhile, Iran has killed an American spy drone.

Since the British oil tanker has been captured, the British ships are now going under the supervision of British combat ships from this area.

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