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new Delhi: Former Australia legend Brett Lee has described the number and names printed on the Test Jersey as useless. Brett Lee believes that the test jersey looks simple. England and Australia are currently playing the first Test of the Ashes series. England and Australia are the first teams, whose players wear the number and name T-shirts on the jersey. The Ashes series is being played under the ICC World Test Championship.

Name and number on jersey gaga-li
Australia's fast bowler Brett Lee tweeted, "How bad is this, I am against writing numbers and names on the players' jerseys in Test cricket, I think it looks defective. But this time you did wrong. "

Adam Gilchrist also expressed his disapproval
Former Australia wicketkeeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist also expressed his humility on the number and names printed on the jersey. Gilchrist had said that putting numbers and names on the jersey is stupid. Gilchrist said through a tweet, "Ashes series has started, you all enjoy it. I do not look good on numbers and names on jerseys."

Name and number on Jersey for the first time in 142 years history
In fact, the name and number of players on the jersey of the test is an initiative by the ICC so that fans can be linked to the players. For the first time in the 142-year history of Test cricket, the players name and number have been put on the jersey for the first time. It started with the Ashes series.

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