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Neeraj Kumar lives in Pandav Nagar, Delhi and works as a civil contract. At present, they have around 6 construction sites in NCR, which are under construction. From last three to four days, they are ending the cleaning work of the DDA. Actually the rains are going to start and their work has been delayed for 15 days. But, when their Business Asked about, "Brother, brother is the biggest tension of this business." However, he is very happy with his business and earns up to Rs 12 lakh annually.

How To Start- Neeraj Kumar told News 18 Hindi that in 2007 he received all the contract in DDA. He told that the Joint Engineer (JE) of DDA had asked him this question, if you can do this, then he said, I have full confidence in myself. JE expressed confidence in them and gave them contracts. They finished the work 5 days before the scheduled time. That's where they started.

How much is earning- Neeraj told that his company name is M & G Associates and he is Class 4 Contractor in DDA. This means that he can take up to Rs 60 lakh contracts. Through this, he earns up to 12 lakh rupees.

How the Civil Contractor (Civil Contractor)

1. Diploma / Degree in Civil – To become a Civil Contractor in DDA, you must have a Diploma or a Degree in Civil Engineering.

2. If you have a degree or diploma, then you have to register your company. After this, GST registration will be done.

3. You then have to register for the DDA's CRB (Contract Registered Board). This registration is valid for 5 years.

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4. After completing the registration in CRB, annalist has to be done in DDA. For this, the annual fee of Rs 10,000 is to be paid.

5. As annalist in DDA, you can bid for his civil construction project. This means you have to place an online bid.

6. Tell you that in the beginning you become Class 4 Contractor. In this, you get contracts worth Rs 40 lakhs. As your expiration increases, and the work is better. You change the class. The DDA currently has Class 5, Class 4, Class 3, Class 2, Class 1, A1, AA.

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Essential things

(1) Junior Engineer, Nank Jain in NDMC told News 18 Hindi that you must first see the work site (where it will work) before getting the civil contract. By doing so, you will find information about where to place your own material.

(2) Nanak Jain ji says that the DSR (Delhi schedule of rates) should be kept in mind. It means the daily wages of the laborers. If you fill the contract less than the DSR, it will be canceled.

(3) Read the document carefully

(4) Now the contract is billed online. That's why you must first create digital signature. Without this you will not be able to contract.

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