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[Engsub- Kara] Like Love 2 MV – With out Phrases – jj

[Engsub- Kara] Like Love 2 MV – With out Phrases

There’re so many kisses ! – Take notice of the shaking car ( Do you remember that there’ll be a car sex scene ? ) – Old song but new version. Personally, I like …


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  1. I'm confused about the lyrics . It is" we can hide or we can not hide" ? same goes to the " we can accept or we can not accept" because I watched other lyrics video it said " we can not " . but in this video its said " we can " . Which one is true?

  2. Loved the movie and the music(from the original version) is timeless, now remix it's so fitting for this movie.  Thank you so, much for the upload this drama is one of my very favorite!  It will stay on fav. forever !!  I hope!!!    Lita Hayden

  3. does anybody know where I can see the car sex scene? Been searching for days but can't find it 🙁
    As a side note the uncut version would be awesome! But I'll take the car sex scene if that's what I can get. Thanks!

  4. I know this is from last year, oh man I wish I could have notice this movie long time ago. But, I heard there will be season 3 due to the last scene in season 2 a cliffhanger. Do u think there will be season 3 coming up? ;_;

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