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Easy methods to gentle your gasoline range and oven – jj

Easy methods to gentle your gasoline range and oven

If you have an old-fashioned gas stove / oven, this video will lay out clearly what you need to do to get cooking. Filmed in my kitchen in Porto Alegre, Brazil.



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  1. I was surprised that I had to use a match to to light the oven, the first time I tried I kept trying to ignite the gas with the sparker, naturally it didn't work and gas reached the stove which was covered then BOOM! it accumulated between the top and the cover and the sparks from the igniters lit it up. I don't have the manual for it, I'm glad I stumbled on your video so I don't end up blowing up my kitchen.

  2. Thanks a lot. From a younger age I loved cooking with my electric stove but since we moved we were forced to use this and I couldn’t cook cause I was bad at turning it and making it set afire. But now I got to make myself some yummy pasta.

  3. I've always been afraid to use gas stoves, my grandparents have one, my parents and I have both gas and electric, but I grew up with mostly electric, and I feel like electric is safer for that matter, i don't have anything against gas stoves, they just scare me bc idk how to use them, but maybe at some point in the future I might learn how, idk.

  4. Nice. How long does one need to preheat a gas oven (for baking).
    Mine doesn't have any digital settings. Its just a knob-regulated Low-Medium-High settings, so I wouldn't now how hot its in there (in degrees of centigrade/Fahrenheit) and I don't have an oven thermometer.
    Whats the average temperature if set in a) Low, b) Medium, and c) High?
    How long is preheating in each setting?
    Thank you?

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