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Kashmir: why Modi authorities has ended particular standing? – jj

Kashmir: why Modi authorities has ended particular standing?


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People celebrate in Mumbai after the special status of Jammu and Kashmir is over

Removal of Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir has always been a part of BJP's policy. But the manner in which 'circumstances have been created' and Home Minister Amit Shah presented its proposal in the Rajya Sabha on Monday, people talking about Kashmir and being negotiator in Kashmir are telling unprecedented.

Professor Radha Kumar believes that concerns are increasing due to the circumstances which are still going on.

He told the BBC, "If this is not resolved then this worry will change in other kinds of disappointments."

As far as BJP is concerned, he has been talking about eliminating special status of Kashmir by dismissing Article 370 in the last few elections, in the event of getting power in its resolutions.

After the last assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP had formed a coalition government with Mehbooba Mufti's People's Democratic Party (PDP). The coalition of PDP and BJP was also called a mismatch

In the beginning things were fine too But then the cracks started in the alliance and ultimately the President's rule was imposed in the state.

Since then, the BJP is running the state through the governor. There was also a possibility of new elections in the state, but this thing was left behind.

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BJP workers celebrating

Senior journalist Rahul Pandita is watching what is not clear. Before catching a flight to Srinagar in the morning, he said that the BJP has been trying to make a place for himself in the state politics since the time of Jan Sangh. Amit Shah, despite being the party's president, visited the Gram Panchayats in the state.

He says, "BJP wants direct interference in the state's political activities, which is why they are also trying to strengthen the party cadre at the lower level, when they tell people that they are getting stronger, then It is easy to connect people to the party. "

He says that there is no doubt that BJP is increasing its cadre in a very systematic manner and faster in the valley.

As far as the presence of the military forces, imposing curfew, detention of leaders, and disrupting internet services, Professor Radha Kumar, who is negotiating on behalf of the government, believes that 'these were absolutely unnecessary steps.'

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She says, "Who are they scared of, will Mufti and Abdullah rebel? The government could bring the proposal whatever it is because they are in the majority, but why in this manner?"

Even before the proposal was put in Parliament, holy Amarnath Yatra was stopped and tourists were asked to leave the valley.

Holidays have been declared in schools and educational institutions and all the examinations have been canceled.

But supervisors who keep an eye on Kashmir say that instead of peace, dissatisfaction can increase further, but by the provision of sharing the state.

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