Fashionable trainer like Neha, paying a modest charge, incomes 40,000 / month by finding out Three hours – do that new educating enterprise provide help to to earn 40 thousand a month. enterprise – Information in Hindi


Usually, the problem lies in front of women that they take care of their home and family. Career Ignore them Because it is not possible to get a duty of 9 to 5 in the office, in such cases, often disappointment in women. But there is no need to be frustrated – because there are also many options at home that give you an opportunity to earn money and make you Independent. Today, we are going to tell you the story of a woman who was sitting at home doing a special teaching course, only 3 hours 40,000 / month earning Is doing.

Neha Narang

IT company quit job-Neha Narang, who lives in Delhi's Model Town, teaches children for 3 hours a day, and gives special training to teachers for 2 hours a day. Neha told News 18 Hindi that he had studied engineering, but after the marriage, he had to quit his IT company. But Neha did not like to sit at home. That's why they are ready to start their business. Neha also has two little children, due to which Neha can not stay out for a long time. That is why she was looking for something that she could sit at home and earning her good earnings.(Read also – civil contractor made at the age of 24, earning Rs 1 lakh / month, you can do something like this)

Neha Narang, children of her class

Earns 40 thousand rupees / month- Neha earns 40 thousand rupees every month. He is now associated with a company that teaches children from KG to class 8 in new ways in mathematics. The name of this company is cuemath. It has more than 3,000 centers across the country. Which give special women the opportunity to earn money sitting at home. For more information about this company, you can login to's website. (Read also – Baba Ramdev is giving a chance to business, thus doing franchisees can earn big money)

Teacher taking cuemath class …

How To Make Money With Cuemath

>> To become a member of Cuemath, first you have to go to the website of cuemath.
>> After this you will have to click on the option of a teacher.
>> After which a form will come. Fill this form and submit it.
>> By completing the form your work will be finished. After completing these conditions, cuemath will call you.
>> After that an online test and telephone interview will be held.
>> After clearing you will become a teacher.

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worth- To become a teacher, it is important to have a graduate. Also, read the math till the 10th.
Fee- You will be given training from the company. For this, the company takes 6000 rupees.

You can read at home You- To start this business, you will need a small room in which you can teach students how to sit. You have to do marketing yourself to add students. You can use your friends and social media for this marketing. Neha Narang also started earning the same tax. When Neha started this business in 2016, she had only 3 students. But today they have around 32 students.

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