Over half of Home Democrats again Donald Trump impeachment inquiry Donald Trump desires impeachment over half of the Home Democrats


Washington: More than half of the American Parliament, Democrats have called on President Donald Trump to start an impeachment inquiry. According to news agency Xinhua, California's House Representative Salud Karbazal issued a statement on Friday demanding impeachment investigation. He said that the President has escaped the truth and has persuaded his workers to lie to investigators and to create obstacles.

In a statement, Carbazal said, "I have read the full report of Muller, knew the President's rule and he broke the rules. They can not be above the law. ' He said, 'That's why I think the time has come for the impeachment investigation on President Donald Trump.'

According to the NBC report, together with the carbohydrate, 118 of the 235 House Democrats have demanded to start public scrutiny.

Nearly two dozen Democrats have raised their voices in support of the impeachment process after giving pre-testimony to Robert Muller at the end of July at the Congress. Despite the growing demand for misconduct investigation, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is still cool.

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