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Rahul jain entrepreneurs of jaipur now flipkart sellers make cash | enterprise – Information in Hindi – jj

Rahul jain entrepreneurs of jaipur now flipkart sellers make cash | enterprise – Information in Hindi


Startup has failed, now these three are earning by making online cellar

Rahul Jain of Jaipur, Ankit Agarwal, Ptwan Goyal, Flipkart and Amazon's Selar are selling more than 10 thousand products. In addition, these people are also providing employment to more than 80 people.

Updated: June 25, 2018, 7:02 AM IST

Art and Craft of Jaipur is always discussed, but according to the new age Business Software Engineer Rahul Jain Earning Besides, they are also providing jobs to the people. Jaipuri Kraft Ho or Jodhpur's Bandh, foot mugs (shoes) or blue pottery here, now everything Online Is being bought and sold. Rahul Jain is selling Flipkart and Amazon's cellar with more than 10 thousand products with his two friends at e-commerce website. Let's know about them …

After the startup failed, the new innings started- In the year 2013, Rahul returned to Jaipur after studying engineering from Pune and in the same year, he started working as a software engineer in a company. After some time they started two startups, but both failed. Rahul did not give up and two friends, together with Ankit Agarwal and Pawan Goyal, became e-commerce cells. That's where their business started. (Read also: – By selling sacks of dung, this person earns double profits, you can also do this business …)

Rahul Jain

Up to 30 per cent profit- Rahul explains that margins for profit on products are up to 5-30%. (Read also: They earn Rs 3 lakh every month by selling organic vegetables)

In Jaipur, Rahul and his colleagues are providing work to more than 80 artisans.

With the beginning 15 productions, Rahul Jain told News 18 Hindi that in the beginning he had registered his 15 products only. After this, as people started to buy online stuff fast. Well the sales of our products grow. At the moment, we sell more than 10 thousand products on the e-commerce platform.flipkart, online seller

Local people get employment- Rahul, his company, Ecropindia (eCraftIndia) Along with many local people. Make unique products from local artists. With this, the art of those people is getting recognition in the world. Also, they are getting employment too. Rahul said that according to the demand, he has provided employment to about 80 skilled people in different areas. Their produced products are being sold worldwide. (Read also VIDEO: Earn money from the cultivation of pearl every month Rs 1 lakh, government will help)Read also – Baba Ramdev is giving a chance to business, thus doing franchisees can earn big money

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