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You earn 50 thousand rupees every month by suggesting ways to save water, you can also do it


Ankit Tyagi

Ankit Tyagi

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Updated: July 2, 2018, 10:10 AM IST

Policy commission The recent report says that half of the country's population, that is, 60 million people do not have drinking water and in many big cities the groundwater will end in only two years. These conditions will be like a major water crisis in front of the country. Considering all this, the Center and the State Government are continuously increasing their focus on this. In this way, the need for experts of Rainwater Harvesting is increasing. Niraj Kumar, who lives in Pandav Nagar in Delhi, is also doing this. For the last five years, he has been making such projects. They mostly D.D.A, And Residential society Do projects. Apart from this, they also go to many places to advise people for water harvesting. Doing all these work neeraj Earning 50 thousand rupees per month Take it.

Rainwater Harvesting Expert- Neeraj has been working on the project of Rainwater Harvesting for the last five years. He said that in the beginning he used to make projects in conventional (old) way. In it, a pipe was boring in the ground. The total expenditure on this project was 10-12 lakh rupees, but now things have changed. Modular rain harvesting is currently on. The expenditure on this technology has come down to Rs 8-9 lakh. However, Neeraj explains that he has not studied any of this. All these information came on the basis of experience. Right now, he earns up to Rs 6 lakh annually. (Read also – Make a modest teacher by paying a nominal fee, earn 4000 / month by studying for 3 hours)

You can also do something like this …

Here's the initial information- In Delhi, the Center for Science and Environment does a five-day certificate course for this. In this court, planning, designing and many important things of Rainwater Harvesting are reported. The fees for this course are Rs 8800. You can also apply for it.

It is very important to know these things- Information about labor expenditure, engineer expenses, machinery expenses, legal and registration expenses, income and sales tax issues, permits and licenses is very important. If you also want to get such projects, then you will have to register in DDA, MCD, PWD, CPWD first. (Earn millions by becoming a civil contractor)

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