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Romantic Comedies – jj

Romantic Comedies

Did you see that romantic comedy? If you’ve seen one you can already answer yes.



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  1. LOL!! YESS!! So true… What's worse is when you know a girl who HAS to see EVERY new romantic comedy that comes out. Especially if it's one of those dance flicks. You know.. classy dancer meets rough-neck kid who gets in trouble somehow. From two different worlds yet fated to be. BLEH

  2. @ShellyPhotography Eh… I wouldn't quite consider Princess Bride an actual chick-flick (which I equally despise, look at my other comment here X-))… I must confess that, to me, Princess Bride is just SOOO far out there that it's circled around back into awesome territory. X-)

  3. I am a "chick" who is vehemently anti-chick-flick, and this guy just explained my feelings towards chick flicks with near perfection… only thing he left out was the annoyingly massive amount of suspension of disbelief such movies demand, and the fact that there are too many stupid girls out there who watch these movies and honestly believe that reality works that way. I can't help it… romantic comedies grate on my nerves… X-)

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