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Updated: Monday, August 5, 2019, 16:30 (IST)

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Meena got married and her friend was very keen to know about her honeymoon.

Saheli: Tell me what happened last night?

Mina: Nothing.

Saheli: But tomorrow it was your honeymoon, something would have happened?

Mina: At ten o'clock my husband came to the room. He climbed his coat and hanged on the rop.

Friend: Good …

Mina: Then he pulled his tie and hanged on the rib. Then they pulled off their shirt and hanged on the rope. They lifted their wires and hanged on the rop. Lifted his belt and hanged on a rope. Tearing off your pants and hanging on the rib.

Saheli: Then what happened?

Mina: Then she wove my sari and hanged on the rib. Extract my blouse and hang it on the rags.

Saheli: Then?

Mina: Because of the load of so many clothes the fracture broke and she kept knocking all night.

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