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High 10 Hood Films – jj

High 10 Hood Films

What happens in the hood stays in the hood. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 hood films.Check us out at http://www.



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  1. 8 mile made the list and not Belly!!! Who ever made this list don't know what the hell they talking bout. Yea you listed some classics but the order is all wrong. It was cool tho nice try.

  2. Actual Top 10 List from someone actually from the hood

    1.) Boyz N the Hood
    2.) Menace II Society
    3.) JUICE
    4.) Friday
    5.) New Jack City
    6.) Fresh
    7.) South Central
    8.) Colors
    9.) Belly
    10.) Babyboy or Set It Off

    This is based on impact and relevance to ppl who are actually from the hood. 8 miles is so laughable ?.

  3. Mojo please do me a favor. With all due respect, please don't ever do a list like this again. To put Friday and New Jack City at the bottom of this list was ridiculous. Just please leave subject matters like this alone. And how the hell is Baby Boy or Blood in Blood out not on this list. Horrible list.

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