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Why it is very important drop some weight to realize the optimistic so desired! ??? – jj

Why it is very important drop some weight to realize the optimistic so desired! ???

Remember to take with caution the ☕️??? techites my girls from three to six months only after we have to let our body rest for 40 days without any tea ☕️ remember that teas cause some bleeding or discomfort if you are allergic to any tea ☕️ you I recommend that you do not do it and ask your doctor how I can help you to achieve your positive since in many cases the tea ☕️ It is not for all people and remember before starting with the tea ☕️ you have to present your rule and you cannot have tea ☕️ when you are ovulating you have to wait for your rule to come back down to start the challenge and achieve your positive teas are taken only from 10 12 to 15 days ok then they are suspended and the matrix cleaning rule is restarted with your rule it is done when you rule only my loves Okis I love them my little ones thank you so much for being part of my life that God blesses me today tomorrow and always and remember that you live in my heart or and do not pay rent !!!!!! ??????☕️??????? REMEMBER IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CUDE YOUR HEAD DOCTOR THAT GOD USED US ON OUR ROAD TO HELP MY KINGS HONOR TO WHOM HONOR DESERVES ?The group schedule is 8am to 10pm Mexico time from MONDAY TO FRIDAY … SATURDAY 8am to 2pm
Rest domain to distract our mind, not become obsessed with the positive and enjoy our families
?No texts only audios
?Place your name on WhatsApp
?Only Chiquimami recipes and please watch the videos
?No double-sided people, nor carry and bring.
?FE IN GOD good vibes and faithful follower of Chiquimami ?❤ PATIENCE AND SEE THE VIDEOS COMPLETELY
? If you know the answer supports and you have works of the day
❤God with all, united by + we are a family feel at home ? GOD MOS AMA??❤
RUN chiquimami.achc86@gmail.com
CHIQUIMAMI ?‍?469-912-4002
214-516-2070 WHATSS❣️??
www.paypal.me/latraviezadtk women united by our positive a miracle on the way ???????‍?‍? WE GO HAND ? WITH GOD FOR OUR MIRACLE THANK YOU ? FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND WELL COME ❣?


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