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$50 deposit to dropping $70,000 in a day – jj

$50 deposit to dropping $70,000 in a day

In this video I talk about my first ever online poker deposit, how long it took me until I was making +$100/hr, and then talk about losing $70000 in a day. Please …



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  1. I was unemployed so I played online poker. I quess I'm a pro now.All these guys who slack off and spend the college tuition online call them selves pros. I know this guy was doing OK until he had a brain hemorrhage, and I hear he is doing better.

  2. Online poker can Never be trusted again and if you want to try it go ahead your going to lose all of your money..the people that say they win tons of money are liars..back when it was legal the only ones that were making money were cheating like that Annett fat chick…she was cheating on pokerstars multi accounts.

  3. I make 15 an hr playing poker full time, not much, but im cool with it, the biggest advice I can give is RAKEBACK, it really is incredibly important to making consistent profit, really I can break even and still make money, you really must have it

  4. If the money was lost on "Absolute Poker".  They had a frauster who took a few players for a lot of money.   He was an ex-employee who could see the other players cards.  There are some videos on Youtube about it.  But I can not remember the title.  Absolute Poker were also involved in "Black Friday" and were one of the sites shut down by the FBI.  Some players may have got their money back. 
    Posted 15th May 2014

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