Afghanistan within the 1960s & 70s A Misplaced Paradise with Spanish subtitles

This 2016 documentary shows us an Afghanistan in time that could never come back: a safe and beautiful place for travelers. What seems unthinkable today: Places in Afghanistan like Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Band-e Amir or Bamiyan were dream destinations for travelers on the so-called 'footpies' path in the 60s and 70s. With lots From original images, we see how enchanted Westerners felt in a country that was hospitable, relaxed and landscapes. With a lot of cinematic material from those days, we can understand how impressive this country once was. Many different travelers tell us about their experiences, starting with Tony and Maureen Wheeler, founders of the famous traveler's bible "Lone Planet," singer Donovan who sought enlightenment in the East, or a former left-wing terrorist from Germany who became all peaceful in a country torn by today's wars.

Unfortunately, drugs were another reason why people liked to stay in Afghanistan, but these days, even science was not fully aware of how dangerous some medications could be. No wonder there are numerous tombstones of young western travelers in places like Kabul. (Please keep in mind that I absolutely don't want to spread any drug use. It was unfortunately a part of the youth movement in the 1960s and 1970s and as we know today, it took too many lives from young people who just wanted to experience freedom.)

Istanbul / Turkey is also shown as a hippie trail stop. What an amazing route, from Western Europe to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan to India, Nepal and finally reaching countries of the Far East like Thailand. Traveling was easy, cheap and safe. Entering Afghanistan became impossible after the 1978 military coup, and that was the end of the hippie path. Will peace and security return to this region?

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