Amruta Fadnavis feminine model of Kabir Singh music Tera ban jaunga hits on youtube | Video: Amrita Fadnavis sang 'Kabir Singh' hit music, trended on YouTube Model Model


new Delhi: There is a round of these days remake films in Bollywood. The film released last week, Shahid Kapoor, Kisan Adwani starrer Kabir Singh, has achieved success by breaking many records at the box office. Not only this, the songs of the film also made their place in the heart of the fiance. The romantic song of the film 'Tere Be Jaaon' is still on YouTube in the trending list. Now this song has been recreated in the female version. Amrita Fadnavis has given voice to the new version.

Amrita Fadnavis's solo song 'Teri Ban Jaangi' is being liked on YouTube. The song released today has seen and heard more than a million people.

VIDEO: Romantic Song 'Tera Been Ganga', millions of views met in a day!

Let's say that the original video of this song shows a cute love for college students between Shahid and Kiya. The naivete of Shahid's Pagesivnes and Kira is winning the hearts of people. This song has been seen more than 35 million views so far. This song has been in top trending on YouTube.

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