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Arnel Ricafranca's Explode Exercise Program To Get Ripped This Summer season Half 1 – jj

Arnel Ricafranca's Explode Exercise Program To Get Ripped This Summer season Half 1

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Arnel is a fitness expert, fitness boot camp coach, author, and a motivational speaker.

He has written and co-authored several books with the top experts in the fitness industry.
Arnel has been featured as a fitness expert in numerous media such as Ebru TV, Morris Health and Life magazine, Jersey 101.5 F.M. (radio station), KTRE ABC 9 online news, and New Jersey Life magazine.

Here are some of Arnels professional qualifications:

Bachelor Degree in Health and Exercise Science
Certified AFAA Personal Trainer
Certified C.O.R.E Instructor Level I
Certified C.O.R.E Instructor Level I
Certified By The American Strength Training Insitute
Certified NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach
Certified CPR Healthcare Provider Insured

Impressive right?

for more cool stuff check out this: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdao0h_arnels-explode-workout-program-to-g_sport


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  3. being ripped doesnt necessarily mean having the most muscle, not everyone wants to be HUGE but low body fat percentage and good muscle definitiion are what it takes to be RIPPED, but i would warn anyone doing alot of pushups to do em on your knuckles, ive had tendonitis from trauma too the wrists from pushups, trust me you dont want it

  4. lose fat with good diet

    build muscle with the main compound movements (squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, weighted chinup), not millions of reps and stupid exercises that mr. arnel is presenting here

  5. wow thank you arnel! you are not only a work out champion! but thanks to your secrets to uploading your videos to be uploaded to hundreds of hosting websites!

    wow i can't wait to do that for my own videos! no i'm not a work out guru, but your ideas helped me to launch my own passsions to use videos! than you arnel GOD BLESS! money mike deluca

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