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Congressional Democrats Suggest Increased Insurance coverage, Auto-Brakes on Trucking Trade – jj

Congressional Democrats Suggest Increased Insurance coverage, Auto-Brakes on Trucking Trade

reported by Thomas Ilalaole, Medill News Service

Washington, DC- US House Democrats held a press conference recently to propose two bills that would mandate an higher insurance coverage carried by truckers, to pay to those injured following an accident. The increase in coverage would go from $750,000 to nearly $5 million.

Those whose family members were injured in a truck-car collision say the current coverage is often not enough to cover the cost of medical care in the wake of a major accident.

Another bill being proposed would require new trucks to have automatic braking on them. One safety coalition member said some remove those automatic brakes from their new trucks.

But members of the trucking industry say some of those proposing these changes have an alternative agenda. They say the mandates on higher medical coverage is really a move by the trial lawyers who want to be able to collect more in fees when they sue following an accident. Trial lawyers generally take a case on a contingent basis, in which they get one third of the settlement. By increasing the coverage mandated from$750,000 to $4.9 million, the lawyers winning a case for medical coverage would have their compensation go from a maximum of $250,000 to approximately $1,650,000.

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  1. this is what happens when you pull in front of a semi truck, no way around this except not to pull out in front of them. they can't stop like a car. just like it takes a train a long time to stop it is because of the weight. nothing they can do bout this except educate people not to pull out in front of trucks or anyone for that matter.

  2. Why dont we make a law against falling asleep at the wheel.
    Or one that makes it illegal to kill someone with a truck.
    How about criminalizing bad driving.
    Making laws doesn't solve anything. Look at the issue and find solutions to help everyone live safer. I'm on the road a lot and truck drivers in my experience are the best drivers and most courteous on the road because they have to be. Unfortunately they're on the road with everyone else.

  3. What they dont understand is if you pull out in front of a semi tractor and trailer it cant stop on a dime. They never have. You've just got to be careful and not pull out in front of them. They are heavy and can not stop if you pull out in front of them. Everyone knows that if they have any since at all.⛟? just like a train cant stop on a dime.????????

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