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Crown On line casino allegedly linked to Asian organised crime |The Drum – jj

Crown On line casino allegedly linked to Asian organised crime |The Drum

An investigation into Crown Casinos has revealed the company, which is part owned by James Packer, did business with tour operators linked to Asian organised crime in an effort to bring Chinese high-rollers to Australia.

The joint investigation by 60 Minutes, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age also alleges the company’s hunger for profits endangered its own staff.

In 2016, crown staff in China, including three Australians, were arrested and charged with the promotion of gambling, which along with gambling itself, is banned in China.

Ellen Fanning is joined by Professor of Indigenous Policy (Workplace diversity) at the University of Technology Sydney Nareen Young, research director at the Centre for Independent Studies Simon Cowan, president of Chief Executive Women Sue Morphet, national political editor at News.com.au Malcolm Farr and Investigations Editor at The Age Michael Bachelard to discuss the revelations.

View the full episode here: https://iview.abc.net.au/show/drum

Read more here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-30/home-affairs-deal-crown-casinos-to-fast-track-chinese-visitors/11365068

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  1. i used to work for them and injured my back at work. They sent me to there own doctor and also to there physio where they send all there staff to. The red flag that was raised was the fact that the physio said i was able to go abck to work. seeming i could hardly get in a car and in pain i decided to go to my own doctor.

    I had a cat scan and it showed i had done 5 discs. I claimed work cover and it was rejected by crown as they than stated i injured it out of work. I consulted solicotors and they said it could cost me 100s of thousands of dollars. I was hung out to dry! Further more all this speculation is not suprising.

    Most senior management are pigs, all about the money and do not look after there staff. When you have people and third parties on your books, you can make up any story.

    Absolute pigs!!

    Maybe the media should look into the high roller rooms of level 31 where mafia crime bosses launder there money

  2. Everywhere else except China can the Europeans sell their opium , its only now legal to exploit their old addiction of gambling .

    The west has more to fear a democratic China who’s already nobody’s puppet,

    The war would be over even before it begins if they took care of apostates at home than sail all the way to kill commie .

    When will China start dive bombing to get some respect !

  3. Makes me laugh at the hypocrisy of the media and many of the Australian people , gambling revenues and the taxes it generate help pay for public infrastructure, create jobs , and feed many spin off industries.

    With so many of the Australian manufacturing jobs now lost forever to China and other low wage countries, people need some sort of future employment. We all can’t be in the public service. Gambling and casinos at least offer some legitimate career opportunities.

    With tourism being a seasonal part time employer at best , and mining projects being abandoned due to radical green politics , what other industries other than farming an gambling can Australia rely on ?

    Technology is playing its part in destroying people’s career opportunities by making people redundant in many careers , no political party , media group or community group is speaking out against technology replacing people in jobs , or about drawing a line in the sand and forcing companies and governments to halt technology to save jobs .

    All this political correctness and environmental bureaucracy is robbing future generations of Australians a chance of living a fulfilling life .
    When politicians and community groups attack gambling an casinos, and accuse , label or stereotype this industry , saying this industry is solely responsible for organised crime , drugs and sex trafficking is laughable and ignorant. How many drug related deaths in recent years have been at music festivals or community events ? too many that media doesn’t bother to report half of them .

    Limited employment opportunities an poverty is what draws people to crime , drugs , sex trafficking etc , when life offers them no future.

    Stop closing down industries on environmental and morality reasons that employ people and generate tax revenue .
    Beggars can’t be choosers !!

  4. 6:10 – How did I know that even before watching this segment some dumbshit would squeal "racism"? I have a suspicion that people who see racism in absolutely everything are themselves closeted racists projecting their prejudices onto the rest of us.

  5. How many Chinese people are from the mainland, how many from Hong Kong, or Taiwan etc The highest numbers are from what group? There is no limit on money people from Hong Kong or Taiwan can bring so is it only a limit of $3000 from the Chinese from the mainland?? There is a difference.

  6. Interesting how the bloke on the panel missed the point of the segment, the big issue is about Asian organised crime/dirty money and not about racism or family money trying to get out of china.

  7. how some people dont understand that crime brings crime yeah the money enters your country and bribes and schemes corruption and visas for all type of crazy… its a snowball it will bring loads of violent underground type crime

  8. How did that banking inquiry go? What backlash and penalties did they suffer after all that money, time and drama? Liberal government have no teeth when it comes to their donors so another inquiry will just be another waste of tax payer money

  9. Go to any casino in Australia after 10pm and the tables are full of Asian gangsters and prostitutes. Go to any club any time of the day and you will see people laundering the proceeds of crime through poker machines.
    This isn't news it's just DUH!!!

  10. Odd isn't it that the Federal Government introduced a bill late last Friday to make cash transactions of $10,000 for any business deal illegal but freely encourages overseas visitors to bring shopping bags full of cash to gamble with. One rule for the wealthy overseas gamblers it seems and another for the suckers who live in Australia.

  11. Not only were govt agents involved in 'fast tracking" visa's, Crown reported 'undisclosed losses" due to ID swapping of Billionaire 'tourists' with professional poker players, who ''lost'' significant amounts to other 'players' using lines of credit previously established by the 'junket' operators. It was then that Crown pressed the Govt to help 'recover debts' from China. After the scam was uncovered, everything was hushed up. Recently also certain conservative pollis began waving mobile phones on National TV saying "online gaming was bad' and eventually banned online poker, BEFORE the 'publiv inquiry' report was even completed. This 'cemented' Crowns 'monopoly' of poker in Australia. My submission to the public inquiry on online poker which raised the issue of the requirement that gaming licence holders, should not be breaking laws was not published. Time for a 'corruption inquiry' in the roles of pollies in facilitating crowns abuses of privilege.

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