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First Support for Leaky Roofs and Slideouts | Pete's RV Fast Suggestions – jj

First Support for Leaky Roofs and Slideouts | Pete's RV Fast Suggestions

Providing simple steps to handle damage control, http://PetesRV.com Lifestyle Consultant Randy Murray helps ease panic and frustration levels if your camper …



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  1. I own a 35 foot 02 hurricane.After a month of no rain, the floor on my slide is wet inside.Ialso checked outside and found it is wet under the seal. Could this be coming from the water heater? I need to fix this fast.

  2. Thanks Randy, we just discovered ours is leaking on the floor under the slide and at the dinette. The slide floor itself was not wet, but when we put the slide out the floor under was wet. We covered the camper wit a tarp completely and I’m running a fan heater on it and a dehumidifier. I can’t tell where the water is coming in from, but hopefully the tarp will keep water out for now.

  3. Randy: Thank you for your many RV Quick Tips. They are very helpful. My 2016 I-Go is sitting as level as I could get it during the winterizing process. After several days of steady rain I decided to put the slide out. Water came cascading across the whole top of the slide into the camper. It was like a steady falls for a few seconds. It came down onto my TV and electronics, outlets and floor. I used towels to sop it up and have a fan in there now. I have no idea why it did that. The slide was up snug prior to me opening it. I'm wondering if water was pooling on the roof, the slide goes out and the weight of the slide caused the water to rush down and into the coach? Pretty disappointing as I just purchased it three months ago. It's my first travel trailer. Ever.

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