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I welcome you if this is your first time, here in this channel you will find everything about the following soccer programs:
90 minutes of football, Estudio futbol, ​​not everything happens, baked football, agenda fox, liberman online, fox radio, editorial columns of the radio of gustatory, gustavito lopez, edul, pagani, the opinions of ruggeri, juan pablo marron, arevalo , I recognize, farinela, palaces, the black bulos, etc, etc. all journalists with renown one more than others some more dear than others but everyone's opinion is important. I am constantly going up every day if one day you do not find something is because I had a complicated day haha, I will thank you for a band if you like to comment subscribe active bell, if I know it is a lot but I do not monetize the non-profit channel with this I do of pure passion and I know that there are many people who left Argentina or have a heavy day and I can not see them live and see them on YouTube is their only way. So you know here I will be firm for the duration of the channel since I am always at the limit with strikes hehe. Hopefully let me follow. Bye see you.

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