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I LOVE YOU Jane Birkin & Serge English Phrases for Je T'Aime 4.42 – jj

I LOVE YOU Jane Birkin & Serge English Phrases for Je T'Aime 4.42

thank you for allowing embellishment of this copyright not my own TRANSLATION JANE I love you I love you____________________________Je t’aime je …



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  1. "I love you, me neither" is a famous french expression to describe 2 people in love or who have a physical attraction but who tend to run away. We also call it the game of "the cat and the mouse": It's a kind of flirt: one is "following" the other one, who "run away". When the first one stop to follow him, the second start to miss it and the roles are reversed. unconsciously of course. And of course they are in love but do not realise/admit it.

  2. When he says:Me neither(Moi non plus) it’s because he is ☺️ shy, not quite ready to say it too. He can’t believe that she loves him. Come on, look ? at him, then at her!
    Yet, she loves him with all her ❤️.
    Urging him to join her, him not quite ready to end it.
    Afraid perhaps that afterwords she’ll kick him out!Lol!

  3. Am I the only person who is reduced to tears like a little girl when watching and listening to this song? You can just feel the love these two had for each other. This song sums up the perfect love story, you find that person but no matter what you can't love enough, it's like love between two in this world is just unobtainable no matter what we do, no matter how hard we love, we just can't put it into words or actions, so frustrating is true love, yet beautiful and confusing. This song is perfect in every way. It stirs in me the feelings of true love that we all have at one point or another in life yet it slips away. Why? Thank you, Serge and Jane.

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