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Jobs to be carried out: fundamentals – jj

Jobs to be carried out: fundamentals


Hello everyone:
Today I start a series dedicated to work with jobs to be done or "client jobs". I will try to share with you both the theoretical approach and some examples so that you can apply it in your entrepreneurial projects. I have decided to make these videos because I have been working with this approach for a year and I have found that many entrepreneurs have problems with their application.

It all started just over a year ago when I started applying the Canvas of the Value Proposition by Alex Osterwalder, which I have talked about in other videos, and when analyzing the part on the right, the circular part called Customer Profile I observed that the segment called Customer Jobs had a great similarity with an approach in which it had worked years ago in innovation processes. Those known as Jobs to be done that, we could translate as "the jobs our clients are trying to do."

And personally I thought it was great because it gave a consistent start to that sequence that I call "correct sequence" and which I have spoken on other occasions. So before we understand the problem we must understand what our customers are trying to do.

I don't want to bore you with a long theoretical description but I do want to frame this tool in the client discovery process.

Historically, customers have been classified by segmenting them into groups of common characteristics. For example age range, sex, studies, where they live, type of family, etc … But this, nowadays does not work too well and has been overcome by an approach in which the center of business model design is the person, their context and what they are trying to do.

Think a bit about the Design Thinking tools that put the person at the center and their alignment with this new approach.

Therefore, we can say that the client's work describes what the clients try to solve in their personal and work life as they express it in their own words. And I emphasize in "his own words" because our initial attitude as an entrepreneur is to listen to those who are going to be our clients. These jobs may be the tasks they are trying to complete, the problems they are trying to solve, or the needs they are trying to meet. You should make sure to adopt the client's perspective when researching their work.

Keep in mind that what you consider important may not be the work that the client tries to solve. If we don't take the right position, that empathy, you can never discover a business model that works. Returning to work these can be functional (painting a wall), social (going fashionable) or emotional as feeling safe. And, the most common is that in a job there is a mixture of these types. One of the most common mistakes is to think only in "functional work" mode, personally I think those with an emotional component are more powerful.

In the following video I will give an example so you can see how behind a job that, apparently it is usual and routine, we can find this mix of jobs.

See you in the next video …


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